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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 21, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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melissa: we all know women are not as adept as men when using the ipads. >> well -- >> did you not scream when you read it? how sexist is this? melissa: i thought it was a joke, a scam, that it could not be happening. >> it's legit? >> it is legit. melissa: it is legit. yeah, i don't know. dieting and cooking apps preloaded. >> it depends on who cooks though, because you may want to stick to the diet depending op the cook. honestly, maybe there's a market for it, but there's so many women who would be greatly offended, they will not buy it. melissa: i don't know. what do you think, adam? >> i'm keeping my mouth shut on melissa: i noticed. that's why i egged you on because you were suspiciously silent as we discussed the barbie ipad. >> i agree with what you say, absolutely. melissa: good for you. moving on. mercedes, the car company has tongues wagging over the teched up 2014s class sedan.
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adam's excited. the upcoming model has 156 buttons in the car, 23 of them on the driver's door. three of them for the rear drink holders. the drink holder. the rear drink holders, that's what the buttons are for. it's amazing. among the other features, backseats that recline 45 degrees and six different massage settings on the front seat, one modeled for the hot stone technique. i'm wondering at what point you're driving heavy machinery, and you get a massage, late at night, and you -- i mean, it seems like this is not for -- i'll let adam go first, the car nut. >> i'm dying on this one. first of all, mother mercedes, e products, but they jumped the shark. jumped the shark. they jumped it. it is because the whole experience is to drive. now, lots of gadgets that do things are good, but, you know,
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too much is overwhelming. i mean, i'm taking back to the prior story in the sexist comints, and studebaker had a vanity with a mirror for the ladies. go back to simpler. melissa: love it. >> i drive a honda. not buying that. melissa: got it. that's all the "money" we have for you today. see you tomorrow. here comes the "willis report." ♪ tracy: i'm tracy burns in for gerri willis. obamacare is three years old this saturday, and it's already having a huge impact on your health care. corporate buzz word downsizing is back, but this time, it's your belly fat. more on that in a moment. also, tonight, things went from bad to worse in the eurozone today. the long lines outside atms in cypress got longer. are we already seeing a run on
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the bank? well, we'll find out what that means for your money here at home. and we have a segment every shopper and business owner must see. we're talking online reviews. who writes them? do they mean anything? we'll find out. getting to the top story now. fess up oar pay up. many companies like cvs caremark require employees to submit, get this, their weight, body fat, and glucose level. i don't know how to find out what my glucose level is. they say it's the only way to save health care costs, but leading the charge, the founder of the patient privacy rights. cvs wants to know it by may of 2014. we're talking 126,000 full-time employees. >> uh-huh, yes. the problem with this is if they don't agree to volunteer to have their blood taken, undergo
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health screenings, and talk to wellness counselors, they will be penalized $50 a month, taking $600 out of the paychecks of low income workers who already work two jobs probably. tracy: you know, many of us want preventative care in obamacare; right? this, you can argue, is part of preventative care. i want to know how much you weigh because, you know, studies show the more you weigh, the more you cost me, so cvs just trying to watch the bottom loin. >> well, cvs is trying to watch their bottom line. this month's health affairs has shown that actually wellness programs don't work with people with exactly these risk factors. they don't work at all. that's the first problem. the second problem is is most people do not want their employers and their insurers to know anymore about their health or their bodies than they already know, so this is very sensitive material that's collected, the data's collected,
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we don't control where it goes. it's not kept safely. we don't have a data map even to know where it goes, who is selling it, who uses it, or why, and we don't have a chain of custody to know what happens to our sensitive health information so these systems and these wellness programs and this kind of approach really, really raised people's mistrust and fear because employers are not your best friend. they do not always use information to help you. tracy: okay, again, they watch the bottom line, and we know in theory this is legal. they can do this. do you see this, unfortunately, spreading to other companies? >> yes, it is spreading, and here's the problem. it's true that employers are desperate. actually, everyone's desperate. actually, the people that have obesity, that have diabetes, that have high blood pressure, that have high cholesterol,
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everybody wants to be healthy. the fact is the factors don't reside in the individual. there's more going on here culturally. individuals have to take responsibility, but who is taking responsibility for the bad cheap fast food that may be all a lot of these people can afford? who is taking speedometer for the fact they don't have time to see a doctor? they may not be able to afford the medicines they are prescribed? there's -- there's a lot bigger problems going on, and we have to look at people as individuals to see what will help them, and then we have to look at the factors that are happening in our society -- tracy: look, i get it, i get it. i'm not obese, and i don't want anyone knowing how much i weigh. i understand companies look at the bottom line, the rising health care costs out of control, how do i stop it? i agree with you. the exercise wellness programs, they don't work. that's not the answer, but maybe saying, hey, you have to step on the scale in front of your
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employees, i don't know, maybe it's a scare factor that would work. >> i have to say, i'm a physician, scaring people and punishing them and telling them what to do doesn't work for me. i have to find out who you are, how you see your problems. you know the barriers and problems best, and then i can try to help you. one of the ways that will help things is when we get back control of the information, if we could get our health records, we could use that information like you talk about to track ourselves and to see where we need improvement. we could do it ourselves, but we don't even control our health records at all anymore. it's in the hands of data collectors, hospitals, physicians, software, and everyone else has our information, and we don't. we need our own information in order to be able to learn how to get healthy. tracy: you're right. >> that's a start. tracy: i'm in denial of the scale myself.
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doctor, thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome, tracy, thank you for having me. tracy: all right, the role of pharmacies in the country like cvs change over the years. they are no longer a place to pick up prescription drugs. tonight's top five, the things drugstores won't say as their roles expand. now melissa put together this by our friends at the "wall street journal," we're a mag knelt for drug dealers. drug theft pharmacies were up 8% last year, nearly 700, crazy. number four, we're raking in the dough, but we want a raise. pharmacists salaries skyrocketing up to $98,000 a year. the american pharmacy association launched a $1.5 million campaign to lobby for more money. number three, we are your new doctor. this i know firsthand. stores like cvs over walk-in clinics now, and cvs has more
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than 600 of them saying they'll open 1500 more by 20 # 17. number two, we know all your secrets, and they do, man. as the drugstores expanded, so have the data bases. federal law requires them to keep information private, many, like cvs use the information to market better to you and your family. the number one thing your drugstore won't say is? we'll make your medicine to order, but we might mess it up. it's a growing problem. we talked about it a lot on the show, when drugs in short supply, many pharmacies are taking and mixes up their compound medicines. the fda has no authority to check them first. crazy. all right. the health care law is terning three this weekend. get a cake. not everyone is in the seb ssh -- celebration mood. republicans are renewing efforts to e repeal parts of obamacare. rich edson in washington with the details. hey, rich.
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>> hey, good evening, tracy. we sat down with a senator, republicans say was the first to fight the president's health care plans, holding meetings to defeat them early in the obama administration, well before congress started its work to pass what became obamacare. we asked senate minority leader why republicans continue to fight the law even if republicans take over the senate and white house in 2016, the benefits will have started then, and americans will refuse to give them up, and mcconnell says that's not so. >> that's what the left hopes, but in the meantime, the cost of premiums is going up, people find out they can't necessarily keep the plans that the president said you could keep, and, in fact, none was promises made are happying, and they are not going to happen, so if you believe it can't possibly work and we're in a representative democracy, hopefully democrats
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with start responding to pressure to give us an opportunity to begin to blast big holes in it, and in my view, it needs to be pulled out root and branch, and the first opportunity that we have to do that, if the american people give us enough support to do that, we're going to do it. >> republicans pointed to this, a copy of the benefits application obtained by the "associated press," 21 pages long, o poems say it's an example of the law's confusing overreach. here shows the process insurance seekers have to go through. this is a draft discussion, and the administration says if an applicant is single, no children, they just to to fill out a few pages, not 21. the democrats return to the districts selling the law, improved insurance policy benefits, and coverage of temperatures of -- tens of millions of americans. >> the status quo is
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unsustainable to families, small businesses, to big business, competitiveness issue, to our national and state and local budgets, and to our economy. >> as for the law's implementation, the bulk of the taxes are in effect. the benefits and mandates kick in next year. tracy? tracy: clearly, already seeing effects. cvsments you on the scale and tell them how fat you are. you talked about the debt ceiling, what did he say about that? >> i did. one of the next fights comeing up here, we could expect to hit the ceiling this summer in august. he says we're not going to agree to raise the debt ceiling without doing something about entitlements. mcconnell says this brings the president to the table so republicans want an equal number of cuts or more cuts than whatever amount they agreed to raise the debt ceiling by. mcconnell says it's got to come from entitlements because
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you can't do enough of what we've seen so far, discretionary spending. tracy: they want us off the beach in the summer. we'll have another debt ceiling fight, be here in august sweating it out again. >> yeah, can't wait. tracy: i know, me too. rich, take the vacation now, thanks. >> yeah. tracy: ha-ha, okay, you may want to sit for the next story. members of congress workedded together and passed a bill that will keep the government open for the next six months. who knows what happens in six months though. now the deadline was not tomorrow, and there were no filibusters. they actually compromised. should have sang a song when they were done too. they send the measure to president obama to sign it into law. now, it dips into funding day-to-day operations and provides another $87 billion to military operations, maintains a pay freeze for federal workers, eases impact of sequester on food safety and military aid. you said it couldn't be done, no, i said it couldn't be done. all right. more to come this hour including
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your next vacation that could cost you a little bit more after a judge's recent ruling. we'll explain, and banks in cypress remain closed, but residents are worried the government is getting set to take their money. next, how potential bank run there is impacting your money here. ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behd... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply salutg history... we're making it.
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tracy: a population the size of dallas, that's it. cypress is creating a world of problems. the european union issued an ultimatum, basically, find a bailout situation monday or the io land country might get booted out of the year row. that was -- that really caused stocks to sink into the red here today. on track to poses the first loss
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in weeks. on track to snap a three weekly winning streak. more on this, scott martin, chief market amist for united investor. scott, many say that we were looking for a reason for this market to pull back. it's been on a tear. little bitty cypress, if it was a different situation, would we have blown this off? >> and we still might. the market recovered nicely and only fell more today. look, it depends on what happens, on a week to week basis, my concern is not so much cypress, but what happens to the bigger countries in europe that are the fringe of the e.u., like your italys, greeces, spains, portugals, where they are not in better shape than cypress. they are bigger, bigger economies, bigger export base, but they've got some of the same problems so i wonder how that spreads and how the malaise spreads in europe and into the united states. tracy: we constantly play fear factor here saying, hey, it
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could happen here, it could come, you know, be a thing here at home, but at the end of the day, really? i mean, we got uncle ben pouring money in. it's not going to stop any time soon. is it just -- i don't know, maybe traders making opportunity to buy, pull the market down a little bit? >> yeah, i agree with you totally because we also got grandfather treasury there to print money when we need it. that's the thing, tracy, you're right on about with cypress. they are part of the e.u., the euro, and they can't print their own currency. all we have to do is add a zero to the balance sheet and forget what it does to the standard of living for now, but it gets the banking system solvent. the problem they have and will have is if they stay in the euro, they'll go bankrupt so they have to provide their own currency that devalues the heck out of their standard of living, but when things are cheap over there, people come back to the country as far as invested capital. tracy: all it does is just add to the instability there, and it
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continues to make us look that much better, doesn't it? i mean, regardless of our situation here at home, because i think the economy is on rocky ground, but you got nowhere else to go. we see it in the dollar, and, clearly, it's seen in the stock market. >> yeah, the dollar's benefited huge ri. why? because it's the most liquid currency worldwide, no matter what we do to interest rates to devalue it to get exports up. i say, it's a tired expression, we're the tallest manipulate in the -- tallest midget in the room, nothing against tall people or midgets, but it's true. the dollar is what people want to own in crisis like this so they'll continue to do that and we'll continue to see commodity prices fall as a result of that. tracy: so many people, the sandwich generation age are frightened, burnedded so many times, still scared, but based on what you said between treasury and fed, the market goes up. it's like the lotto.
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have to be in it to win it. >> got to be in it to win it. what's the best part is we've seen this story before, and as the story happens more and more, i think we get less and less, say impact by the issues. i think we can fix them faster. you're right, it's better for the market overall. tracy: are you telling clients to get in the market? yeah, definitely am, and i'm with you at the top of the interview, if there's a pull back say 5%, i'm pushing all chips into europe, too because that falls further. tracy: into europe. what about emerging markets? people put money in those countries these days. >> love emerging markets. as the u.s. recovers, we buy stuff from this, export growth. like those countries too. tracy: quickly, metals, how do they play in the portfolio now? gold doesn't know way to do. >> it doesn't know what to do, and that's why i've been reducing it. if i can't find out what gold's doing, i don't want to own it.
6:22 pm
the dollar goes up, that's bad for gold. you got to watch gold here. it's going negative. tracy: scott, great to see you, thank you. >> see you. tracy: there's your gold chart now, just up slightly today. all right, later in the show, we got a question, can you trust online reviews? what you thought might not be the case, and, next, a judge slams the nation's biggest travel sites with the $230 million bill over unpaid taxes believe it or not. some say they will just pass the cost on to you, the consumer. ♪ don't go anywhere. ♪ you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's numberwo we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms.
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occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as $15 at there's a land of restful sleep, we can help you go there, on the win of lunesta. tracy: a judge punishing expedia, orbits, and travelocity for not paying taxes in one state.
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what that means for consumers in 60 seconds.
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♪ tracy: major sites from orbits to expedia are appealing a judge's ruling that they have skimped on taxes owed to the state of hawaii, and the judge says they have to pay up, $110 million in back taxes, and 50 million in interest, and 70 million in penalties for failing to file the necessary returns, but the appeal rejected, many will be worried the new costs are passed on to consumers. joining us now, randy ross, a law professor at the university of hawaii. loving your shirt, sir. loving that we're talking to hawaii right now. makes me happy because it's nasty here in new york. let's explain what it is. it's an excise tax that these
6:27 pm
sites just didn't pay. why wouldn't they pay this? >> well, their position, and it's an argument i'm sure they make around the country, is that an online company that doesn't have an obvious physical presence in a state shouldn't subject to state taxation. again, that's what they argue. on this excise tax issue, the court disagreed, and as you indicated, came up with a grand total of $230 million that they owe, but there's another tax in hawaii that many people would think of as a hotel room tax. we call it the accommodations tax, but, potentially, the numbers are twice as big. the on line travel companies have wanted the trial court on that issue, but both the state and the online travel companies are going to be appealing the trial court's decision so we don't know how either of the outcomes will look, but right now, at least, there's a $230 million bill that's about to be
6:28 pm
sent to the on line travel company. tracy: like amazon story where they couldn't -- no one could call their main office, so to speak,,home, so no one knew where to charge tax. they come down on amazon too. it's no surprise they are coming county on this, are we? >> it's no surprise at all, and especially in this situation. you got an industry that didn't really exist when the taxing statutes were enacted, and so the taxing statutes have terms like travel agency, and that doesn't really fit and hotel operators doesn't fit so you got a taxing statute that has not really kept up with the development of technology. as a result, you got a number of unanswered questions in hawaii, which is being litigated right now, and around the country, and unless we get some clarification from state legislators and from the federal government, from congress, there's going to be a lot of litigations to cost money, and in the meantime, businesses and investors deal
6:29 pm
with uncertainty. tracy: professor, hawaii relies on tourists. people like me from new york come to get sun and surf. that's way you rely on. this tax thing goes through, next time i book a flight, i might have to pay more, and i might not come. it burns everybody on both ends. >> well, the conventional wisdom is what you described and, certainly, the op line travel companies are arguing that in court. we have an ameritus economics professor at the university of hides feels that's not true. he thinks for the most part any additional costs incurred by the travel companies are going to be born by them, that it's going to affect the bottom line rather than being passed on to the consumers. nobody knows looking forward, and even once it happens, nobody's going to be able to prove exactly what the impact was, but it's safe to say that it's quite controversial as to whether these taxes that have just been imposed, whether they
6:30 pm
are paid by consumers or reduce the profits of these online travel companies. tracy: i'll tell you, there's no way they reduce their profits. that would mean yours truly will not make it to hawaii any time soon, and that's so terrible. professor ross, thank you for sharing insight. >> but they have to compete with the hotel operators. they don't have to pass on an additional tax. tracy: that's right. i hope they are that fill lain -- philanthropic, professor, thank you. >> thank you, tracy. tracy: is the federal government wasting money with the student loan program? that's a rhetorical question. is there a better way to help our kids? could one bad online review hurt your business? as a customer, do you believe everything you read? come on. breaking down sites like yelp next. ♪
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♪ tracy: so, beyond denver -- beyond advertising. people rude. this place has gone completely downhill. reviews of light is on line for everything from restaurants, hotels conductors, even churches and the recent survey found 70 percent of consumers trust of one reviews just as much it -- much as recommendations from family and friends. what should you he did a business and you get a really bad review. look, i mean, i will be the first to tell you, you recommend a restaurant to make a the first and do is go online. >> that is the first thing you do. what do you find? a bunch of people with a bunch of the ins and no one knows if there were paid to put them there or if there are friends of the order. tracy: but even if i get -- and that will tell you, especially
6:35 pm
during in this business you get really mean e-mail's all the time. you learn not to believe stuff, but you cannot help but pause when you read a crappy review from restaurant you're going to about the restaurant you are going to. >> well, there are two -- there are couple of ways. always the odd crank. we used to call these guys troll's. if there are a bunch of good reviews and this one guy who gives you have to start, he has something wrong and most people understand that. the bigger problem is the more sophisticated reputation management people to for either good or evil will start the work their channels to start flooding did come and it is a lot harder to tell when you have a variety of negative reviews. that becomes a problem which incidently is also. tracy: but let's talk about this. it can be the restaurant owners mom. my mom is always good for a
6:36 pm
great review. how can i know of reviews of the jet and what reviews are from people who are really angry or had a really bad day and i should not believe that? >> well, you are talking to a guy who is a branding strategist. al will give you the branding solution. if you have a true strategy, what you're really doing is setting the expectations of the public so that you can deliver on them when they walked in and buy your product. it you set that expectation, that is what the discussion is going to be confined to. people will say they either did what they said they did not do what they said, but there not going to start searching for a field. that is pretty much the way you can control it from the business's point of view. tracy: don't i have to get you there in the first place? it by reading of negative reviews i just will show up.
6:37 pm
>> well, if you read a negative review you will have to consider the source which is the interesting thing about internet behavior. consumers, number of things that they will do and kind of sort of develop these behavior's. one is being incredibly lazy. the other one is to sort of be sensitive to what is a topic that is really going on. i submit to you that if the brand has set out, who to have here is who we are and some crackpot comes in from left field, it is very easy to see we can ignore this guy. tracy: have you ever posted an on-line review? >> several. tracy: really? do you recommend that people do that? i was at a restaurant last night can and a fabulous time. >> there are only two reasons why i personally opposed to review. one is, think the guy really deserves a good review because
6:38 pm
they are undercapitalized. i will take time to really ride a good review. the other is to trash the hell out of them because there really did a bad job. tracy: i don't know. i think there is at least one great review. the parents of the owners. you have to discount the right of the top. that's just me. my family to my cousins. i have a lot of people who write reviews. >> you're lucky to have a big family. tracy: we want to know what you think. our question. what a bad review stop you from going to a business? i don't know how i would answer that. log on and vote for the right hand side of the screen. we will share the results with you. so, wiring money has come a long way from walking into a dingy store front. the business is totally going mobile and surging, growing into one-hundred $70 billion. and it the renovation project.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: start-ups and large companies alike are converging. 2013 conference. one of the big companies that is here is mastercard, talking about small ideas, large ideas. it will make money a lot more mobile. joining me now, executive vice president for mobile mastercard. thanks for joining me. let's talk about master pass, a product you just recently announced. what they can expect to see in coming months. >> expand the addition of your existing account. of the sick, debit card, prepaid, or credit-card. and is it about making your mastercard account into a truly multi channel product. >> reporter: al is this different from the other products? i have seen commercials in new
6:40 pm
york taxi cabs and storefronts with keychains. there is some confusion out there. how will you communicate this idea? >> we will be working with our financial ostentations to educate consumers about the new value proposition that this will bring. though idea is to make shopping easier. fully convergent, both for remote transactions and processing transactions. tracy: what does this mean in the terms that we may buy a loaf of bread at the grocery store. >> our vision is that with your phone you will be doing a tap and pay at a physical location and when you will want to make a payment over your phone you well not have to enter your 16 digit number but you simply have to enter a log and password. tracy: what about security? that is a number one concern for consumers. the mastercard brand, do you
6:41 pm
think, give you an advantage or a level of assurance that some of these other companies cannot provide. >> very much so. as a consumer you have all the benefits the you enjoy today. and we're going to introduce a security features in this digital devices. tracy: and the last thing, some of your competitors, visa and discover have recently said they will not charge any sort of fee on digital wallets, companies like paypall and even ebay which owns paypall, but you have decided to take a different stance. >> with digital will we see is the emergence of a new category of players come and we have to find them as digital wallet operators. some of those players will have a fee. yes. >> reporter: thank you very much. tracy: thank you, shibani. all right. it was this business stay back in 2006 that changed the social
6:42 pm
media world forever. twitter was born. web developer and businessmen ejector seat created the site of posting his first comment setting up my twitter. the 150 character micra blocking social network has become a part of everyday life with more than 200 million users sending more than 400 million tweets per day. a revenue of $140 million. establish itself as a leading channel for the latest news and conversation, some of the most popular tweeted events have been the 2010 world cup, arab spring, and president obama's reelection in 2012. well, created today, march 21st, just seven years ago. crazy. all right. still to come, some last-minute taxes for people of all income levels. and the students a gap. should uncle sam wreathing giving money to send kids to school to study medieval history? line studies or methodology,
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like guy tucker. should the money be more jobs driven? details next. ♪ [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things.
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with premium service like e of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business oubusiness. od. helping the world . ♪ tracy: student loans and sky high jobless rate of the biggest challenges. it is no surprise there are considering non degrees certification programs instead of the four year tradition of a greek. 1 million of the certificates were awarded last year. one study suggests the students are making more money than traditional students to men they clearly have lasted to show for. uncle step -- local sam is only backing the usual kind of education. publisher joining us now with
6:47 pm
details. let's explain what a non degrees certificate is. >> and non degrees certificate is a 1-year program for such things as electricians, hbac technician, a nurse's aide or itt and software as well as beauticians and a massage therapist. tracy: and million of the certificates were awarded last year. can you give financial aid to get into a certificate program? >> you can't do much but it has to be full credit courses. noncredit courses which are less rigorous are not eligible for federal student aid. tracy: like an attrition -- electrician. >> well, usually it's going to be credit courses. but remedial education will be often noncredit course. high-school diploma is a noncredit course. and so the more rigorous, more technical class is going to be for credit.
6:48 pm
tracy: but this research has shown that they are making more money. he's not degrees certificate people are making more money than their traditional counterparts, but that is immediately. that is reynauds school. long-term down the road, don't you make more money with the 4-year degree? >> there is an overlap in the distribution. the median certificate holder makes more money than the bottom quarter of that some degree recipients. that is because a bachelor degree ranges from everything from nursing, science, engineering, mathematics, very lucrative fields to humanities like history and sociology which don't earn as much money. tracy: so that being said, especially based on unemployment these days, and we have heard from some many businesses that we have so many spots and not the skilled workers to fill them . should reveal to get financial aid regardless of where you do as long as you're educating yourself to another job?
6:49 pm
>> i think that your total student loans a graduation should be less than your annual starting salary because then your ability to repay the debt is dependent on their income. so i think the limits should be based on predict -- predictability repay debt. tracy: the none of us would go the four year colleges because there are very few of us that there -- that will come out -- i could easily, with $250,000 in loans, and i'm not making that first year of college. >> the average death for a master's degree last year was 27,000. the average starting salary for a master's degree was almost 45,000. for most people, a bachelor's degree does pay off. is is a rare exception where students getting six-figure debt tracy: a total loss : medical school and they just keep going to school and then they have a debt to the rest of their lives. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. tracy: so when we come back, time may be running out to get your taxes done. you still have some time to save
6:50 pm
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♪ tracy: we are getting down to brass tacks. with all the new tax increases and spending decade has going on
6:54 pm
in washington, there are some big changes for your taxes this year. we are "covering your assets" with crucial tips. the last minute strategies to boost your bottom line. joining us now, principal director of planning at experience. you know, with all of the chaos that happens at the end of the year, actually, not all heck of a lot less changed. >> that's right. as we look back over our shoulders we will realize just how good we got it compared to some of the increases this year. tracy: most of the ugly stuff kicks in in 2013. some of the things that people have to remember our if they rolled over of ira in 2010 they might have paid half the tax in 2011 and of the other half this year. >> that is absolutely right. this is the time to pay up. for many of the people they're pursue that strategy, it has been great. strong investment market.
6:55 pm
the tax rate was so low. i think it will be a happy thing to look back on. tracy: and mortgage debt is still around and actually being carried forward into 2013. >> absolutely correct. so it is a great way to us and do some of the burden if you had to get from their mortgage. so let's talk of a sum of your tips. your first is to confirm the cost basis of security because it is being reported. >> is a relatively new rules for 2012. covering the sale of mutual funds in exchange traded funds. it is important to make sure that your records are mashing warrior custodian is reporting because if their is a disagreement you need to go back and get everything smooch down because all of that cost basis on everything will roll forward. tracy: record keeping. nothing you have to report, but people should be aware.
6:56 pm
filing gift tax return if you make a gift above the annual exclusion. >> back in 2012 giving away money was a great strategy for the sioux have money to give away. a lot of uncertainty about whether that give textural was headed in the 2013, and many people did give gifts. to the extent you did that come you have to file your tax return tracy: a lot of panicking or scrambling at the end of the year. a lot of people doing a lot of planning that they probably would not have done. >> that's absolutely right in doing now have some certainty. tracy: which in theory is supposed to be forever, but we now or ever to have forever works in washington. your third tip is to make your retirement contribution. >> the surprise for anyone with
6:57 pm
some plummeting come, it does not matter if you are fully self-employed or working for an employer getting a w-2 but also happen to have self employment activity. to the extent you are earning self employment and income you get a chance to defer that. tracy: a great point. consulting work. you can still make that contribution. your after-tax ira contribution must be done. i love the tip. on april 16th of the next day pick up that tax return and use it to plan for going forward. >> that is absolutely right. the tax law that goes into effect has created quite an obstacle course. you need to be aware of your own personal attacks situation to look for opportunities to reduce your income. there are a lot of opportunities to reduce your investment portfolio, particularly if you own bonds. you pay no federal tax, and the state tax and we see a lot of opportunities there.
6:58 pm
on a deduction side you want to increase your charitable deductions and use appreciated stock to fund the charitable gift. tracy: get that capital gain out of your portfolio. china -- trying to adjustor capitol. this is great. >> thank you. tracy: we will be right back. the answer to our question of the day. what a bad review stop you from what a bad review stop you from going to a business? ♪ change giering in dubai, aluminum production in south afra, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t.owe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully beore investin
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